Advanced Programme in Business Analytics

Become a data-driven and innovation-oriented leader and manage strategic data analytics projects to their successful completion!
Certificate in Business Analytics
Solbosch Campus (ULB)
8 weeks
February > April
3 days/week
Thursday, Friday and Saturday (24 sessions of 3 hours)
€ 5.100*
*Price for the 3 courses; you can also follow 1 or 2 courses (à la carte)
Registration deadline: 15/01/2021 | Programme start: 18/01/2021

Who is the programme aimed at?


Dynamic and specialised professionals coming from diverse backgrounds (business, engineering, sciences, mathematics, economics and law) who wish to identify, collect, analyse, interpret and transform data to drive value and innovation into their business decisions.

Key admissions criteria

Eligibility criteria
  • Master's degree
  • Basic knowledge of Statistics & Math, Data Science and Management
  • Proficiency in English

Your Benefits

As the data from transactions, social interactions, and sensors increase, opportunities emerge from careful analytics and modelling.

Business Analytics experts who can transform and leverage data to gain insights that inform business decisions are needed across most industries, including government, like telecom, finance, healthcare, consumer goods and energy manufacturing, and more.

Experience our teaching methods which are very hands-on and participant-centred. Courses are mainly structured into real case studies, workshops, seminars, simulations, presentations, group work, field projects, company visits and on-the-job learning.

Business Analytics Certificate delivered by Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management – Université libre de Bruxelles. Designed for professionals wishing to pursue a successful career in Business Analytics and Big Data.

Become part of one of the largest business networks in Belgium, members of which are actually present in more than 65 countries around the world. Participate in the events organized, expand your network and never stop learning and evolving.

Diversity in class in terms of gender, academic background and culture enhances your learning experience. Benefit from our international faculty, international case-studies, and the multicultural environment you will be studying in, right at the heart of Europe.

The faculty comprises Solvay and ULB professors bringing in their theoretical insight and the latest research expertise from their respective fields, as well as top-level practitioners driven by a real passion for education bringing in their practical insight and on-the-field experience. Top-of-the-line guests are also invited for additional workshops or sessions.

Overview of the programme

The Advanced Programme in Business Analytics – part of the Advanced Master in Innovation and Strategic Management – combines data science, big data technologies, business transformation & professional skills.

It is designed to train a new generation of data-driven and innovation-oriented professionals with all the necessary skills to pursue a successful career in Business Analytics and Big Data.


This Advanced Programme in Business Analytics consists of 3 specially-designed courses:

1 Advanced Data Science

In this course, you learn how to combine Natural Language Processing with Network Science.

2 Data Engineering

This course gives (future) business leaders insight into the practice of data engineering, so they can make better decisions and drive the data teams in their business to be more successful.

3 Machine Learning & Artificial intelligence

In this course, we examine how Machine Learning models & AI systems can be used (or not) in various real-world problems.

More programme features


1- Complete and submit the online application form together with the required documents.
2- If eligible, you will have a short interview with the Admission Manager.
3- Receive feedback on your admission. If positive, finalize your registration by paying the programme fee.


To earn the Certificate in Business Analytics, you must complete the 3 courses detailed previously:

  • Advanced Data Science
  • Data Engineering
  • Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

You can also follow a course à la carte.


"The Advanced Master programme is a blend of everything you need to start a career in business.

The focus on directly actionable knowledge makes the learning curve very steep but also very enjoyable.

You will be challenged and you will like it."

"The programme helped me acquire solid knowledge on corporate strategy and I also feel that I have now a helicopter view on different subjects.

The last 6 weeks of the programme, we had to work on a field project. I was involved in a project within Procter & Gamble.

I was amazed to see that I was actually putting in practice everything I learned during the previous months."

"The Solvay Brussels School helped to develop the essential confidence, soft skills and mind-set that fully prepared me for a job in consultancy and allowed me to function and adapt well in a fast-changing and evolving industry.

Besides the other ambitious peers in the programme, with whom I worked with and learned from on a daily basis, I got to meet CEO’s, CFO’s, founders, managing directors,... from different leading (global) companies, start-ups and scale-ups; fascinating people that all have a story to tell, full of valuable learnings for young professionals."


Martine George
Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management
Professor of Management Practice, Data Science expert and Executive Coach

Academic Director

Pierre Deville
Bisnode Group Analytics
Head of Analytics


Kris Peeters
Data Minded
Founder and CEO


"One of the big challenges of being a data scientist that people might not usually think about – is that the results or the insights you come up with have to make sense and be convincing. The more intelligible you can make them, the more likely it is that your recommendations will be put into effect."
Victor Hu
Head of Data Science at QBE Insurance

Career Opportunities

After certification, a range of job opportunities will be accessible for you:

  • Digital project manager or consultant
  • Business Intelligence consultant
  • Analytics consultant
  • Data translator
  • Business analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Big Data analytics manager
  • Data Solution Architect in private, public or non-profit sectors.

Any questions?

Programme Manager Advanced Masters
Anna Vitiello