Executive Master in International Association Management

Master the international association management techniques.
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SUPPORTING PARTNERS benefit from a 10% discount on tuition fees.
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Solbosch Campus (ULB)
16 days
January > June 2024
2-4 days/month
(Thursday), Friday and Saturday 
€ 9.450 No VAT
Course material and catering included
Registration deadline: 14/01/2024 | Programme start: 18/01/2024
SUPPORTING PARTNERS benefit from a 10% discount on tuition fees.

Who is the programme aimed at?


The programme is specifically designed for association professionals expected to take on wider responsibilities, grow within their respective organisation or to lead and ensure sustainable growth of their associations. Typical participants are senior leaders and executives of international associations and professional societies: CEOs, Managing Directors, Secretaries-General, Financial and Projects Managers, Marketing and Communications Officers, Head of Departments and Operations Managers.

Key admissions criteria

  • University degree or relevant professional experience
  • At least 3 years of professional experience from any sector

Leadership skills

Enhance the leadership skills required to face management challenges within your respective profession/ task/position.

Strategic insights

Gain a broad overview of the main fundamental strategic and functional areas in management.

Best practices

Understand the best practices across the association sector.

Governance skills

Build managerial and hands-on capabilities as well as internal proficiency in association governance.


Establish a platform for knowledge-sharing, showcasing experiences and cooperation.

An essential human lever

Motivate personnel and help them reach higher levels of excellence to the benefit of the organisation.

6 modules addressing the Association Management challenges

Solvay’s Executive Master in International Association Management provides a targeted, pragmatic and action-oriented curriculum focusing on the specific challenges facing the association sector in today’s economy. It is spread in 6 modules, each dedicated to a specific aspect of the association management.

1 . Leadership & Change

Dates: 18, 19, 20 January 2024

Module Duration: 3 days

Lecturer: Susan J. WEST

2 . Strategy & Change Management

Dates: 22, 23, 24 February 2024

Module Duration: 3 days

Lecturer:  Alessandro CORTESE

3 . Strategic Marketing & Communication

Dates: 15, 16, 22, 23 March 2024

Module Duration: 4 days

Lecturer:  Hugues REY

4 . Project Management

Dates: 26, 27 April 2024

Module Duration: 2 days

Lecturer:  Frédéric HOFFMANN

5 . Finance

Dates: 24, 25 May 2024

Module Duration: 2 days

Lecturer:  Hugues PIROTTE

6 . Governance & Sustainability

Dates: 21, 22 June 2024

Module Duration: 2 days

Lecturer:  Alessandro CORTESE

More programme features

Academic team

The Executive Master in International Association Management is delivered by academics and experts in their field through a wide variety of learning practices such as self-awareness, interactive lectures, short classroom exercises, case-studies, group discussions, re-enactments and many practical examples. Throughout the programme, they team up with qualified international association specialists, allowing for a bottom-up approach in defining the module content. Real-world perspective thus complements the academic study throughout the programme.

Guest specialists included leaders from:

  • Association for Financial Markets in Europe (AFME)
  • Eurofinas / Leaseurope
  • European CanCer Organisation (ECCO)
  • European College of Neuropsychopharmacology (ECNP)
  • European SocieTy for Radiation and Oncology (ESTRO)
  • European Society of Cardiology (ESC)
  • European VAT Desk
  • Executive Director European Association of Nuclear Medicine (EANM)
  • International Association of Public Transport (UITP)
  • International Sport and Culture Association (ISCA)
  • Kellen Europe
  • MCI
  • Society for Worldwide Interbank Transactions (SWIFT)/Sibos
  • Swiss Finance Council
  • Teach for Belgium
  • World Obesity Federation

Supporting Partners

The programme is organised in partnership with AcForum, the Federation of European and International Associations (FAIB), Visit.Brussels, Visit Flanders, European Society of Association Executives (ESAE), Wonderful Copenhagen and Union of International Associations (UIA).




"I grew within the organisation I work for, and I have been given the great responsibility and pleasure to become the director of one of our units. The EMIAM definitely gave me the vocabulary and principles I needed. It changed my job and my vision of it, helping me to better work on the creation of value and the engagement of volunteers."

"Thanks to the Executive Master in International Association Management, I learned and put into practice key theoretical concepts which make the foundation of a strong management of associations. The case studies covering important topics offered me the possibility to transfer the knowledge into my daily work.  Also, the master is a unique opportunity to meet peers and build strong connections with leaders from various disciplines and sectors in the world of nonprofit associations."

"The EMIAM programme helps us to acquire vital in-association governance tools. From member management and the judicial landscape through to the latest HR trends, the training offered gives you a full overview of the most recent shifts in the association sector, the position currently assumed by communication, the part played by psychology within the organisation, and the complications created by often conflicting interests.

The programme also underlines the importance of leaders in such a set-up. For relatively inexperienced association leaders or those hailing from the corporate world, the EMIAM provides a one-off chance to update their knowledge of the area."

"A very useful helicopter view on many complex and articulated topics, a precious benchmarking tool for current knowledge, a very helpful networking opportunity to exchange peer-to-peer experience on state-of-the-art in-association management."

"This Master offers a unique combination of theoretical concepts widely supported by practical case studies. The Solvay professors bring their invaluable insight (and sense of humour), and join forces with association experts. Together, they cover all key elements of international association management, and help you bring this deep strategic knowledge to the practical field."

"After almost 3 years in a managerial position within an association, I was looking to learn something new but also gather feedback on my way of working and identify ways of doing things better. The EMIAM programme provided the perfect fit with my professional situation. Our association is relatively small in size and I am involved in a large number of projects therein, from governance to finance, as well as event organisation. The programme successfully covers all these bases in a truly comprehensive manner."

"As a young professional about to take on his first leadership challenges in an international association, joining EMIAM proved to be a very valuable experience. This Executive Master provided me with a solid theoretical underpinning in association governance through a combination of theoretical concepts and practical case studies. Also, it allowed me to exchange views and perspectives with association leaders from all over Europe, which accounted for a unique learning opportunity.”

42 years

It is the average age of the participants.

17 years

It is the average work experience of the participants.

38 %

of the participants are CEO’s, managing directors, secretaries-general.

Academics and guest speakers

Philippe Biltiau
Solvay Brussels School

Academic Director

Alessandro Cortese
European Society for Radiotherapy and Oncology (ESTRO)

Academic Director

Frédéric Hoffmann
BNP Paribas Fortis
Project & Portfolio Business Asset Manager, Lecturer and coach at Solvay Brussels School


The Solvay’s Executive Master in International Association Management enables participants to develop into efficient and effective leaders with a keen understanding of the economic, managerial and political landscape as well as practical skills in the management of international associations. They strengthen their ability to deal with increased competition in a context of economic crisis and a steady decrease in available financial resources.
Philippe Biltiau
Academic Director

Leading Belgian business school


Any questions?

Programme Manager
Yixia Xia

The programme is designed for association executives holding a university diploma and with at least 3 years of professional experience from any sector.

Candidates with no university credentials but with substantial professional experience will also be considered.

The paper is the final stage of the Executive Master and provides the participant with the opportunity to show that he/she has gained the necessary skills and knowledge in order to apply one or more concepts within the professional context. It should demonstrate his/her ability in identifying areas suitable for observing the impact of a specific idea or concept on an organisation.

The final paper will have to be completed by March 2024. 

Participants must fulfil 85% class attendance and submit a final paper to be awarded a Certificate for Executive Master in International Association Management.

Participants may choose not to submit a final paper in which case they receive a Certificate for Executive Programme in International Association Management.


Benefit from a 10% discount until 15/11/2023 (= 8450€ No VAT).


-10% and -15% respectively for the 2nd and 3rd registration from the same association in the same intake.


-10% discount on applications from one of our supporting partners.


Alumni of the Solvay Brussels School, Solvay Lifelong Learning, Université libre de Bruxelles and Vrije Universiteit Brussel benefit from a 10% discount on tuition fees.