Leading authentically in digital times

Adopt a digital mindset and increase your impact and peacefulness with the QiLeader online course.
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4 to 5h per week over 6 weeks
6 online modules
plus live webinars every week
€ 1.500 (ex VAT)
6 online modules, 6 live webinars, 6 workbooks and all the materials on the platform
Registration deadline: 02/05/2018 | Programme start: 07/05/2018

Who is the programme aimed at?


The QiLeader online course is for CEO’s and senior leaders that are transforming their organization for the digital and volatile age. This is for leaders who want to apply new principles like agility, increased empowerment, cross-functional teams, self-management, co-creation, … Many of these principles require a new kind of mindset and culture.

The QiLeader course is also for every person operating in a fast-changing market. For people whose stress levels are high and who would like to feel more at peace. For people who are ready to adopt new habits better suited for our digital world. For managers who would like to increase their authenticity and increase their impact.

Key admissions criteria

Participants need to have a minimum 5 years of professional experience, be able to demonstrate English proficiency, and meet at least one of the following conditions:
  • A university degree
  • Or relevant professional experience

Acquire a growth mindset

Operating successfully in our digital and volatile world requires a new mindset and new habits. This growth mindset will allow you to reinvent yourself and adapt more easily to the constant change that characterizes our digital era. 

Increased impact

You will discover and master new ways of increasing your impact. Those tiny new habits will allow you to shift toward working smarter. You will reach better results with less efforts.

Increased peacefulnes

Because you will learn new ways to increase your energy levels, to master your fears and to improve your relationships, your stress will decrease, and you will feel more at peace.

An agile culture

« Culture eats strategy for breakfast » and is often an important factor that stands in the way of a successful transformation. When the leaders and employees adopt the QiLeader habits, the culture of your organization will shift toward an agile one and the resistance to change will decrease.

Increased empowerment

Over time, the mindset of the people in your organization will shift toward a growth mindset. The increased energy levels combined with less fears will allow them to accept more challenges, and for the managers to let go when necessary. People will feel more empowered with this new balance and trust.

Increased financial results

The new mindset, the agile culture and the increased empowerment will allow your organization to reinvent itself for the disruption that lays ahead and capture great value. Trust will increase internally and will directly impact your bottom-line results as research has shown.

The programme

It comprises 6 modules (accessible for 18 monts) and a live webinar every week.

This program has been developed as part of a partnership between Qileader, a self-developpement organisation and Solvay Brussels School.

The QiLeader course is online which will allow the participants to be fully flexible according to their schedule. They will be able to revisit some chapters whenever necessary to really master the learning. The methodology is based on new research regarding neuroscience, on ontological coaching principles and on the latest research in business psychology. This course is not about theory but has been designed to be very experiential. The participants will apply the principles to their own professional situations and in their organization. It has been designed to increase the motivation and to trigger the curiosity of the participants. 

This leadership course differentiate itself from more traditional courses through the inclusion of not only mental models but also emotions and body dispositions. Many managers are intellectualizing things too much and spend too much time in their heads. By occasionally getting out of the head and into the body, greater shifts will happen.

6 modules

To understand the changes currently happening in these digital and volitale times and to adopt new habits that will increase your impact.

More programme features

Educational support

The dedicated learning platform will allow you to have online access 24/7 and see your progression. You will also be supported by Murielle through specific comment fields where you can ask questions. Interaction among participants is possible as well.

You will have access to a notebook for every module. The goal of the notebooks is to support you in your learning, your self-reflection and in building new habits. It will also help you structure the content and keep everything in one place. You will receive a lot of
information during this course. Sometimes when the information is not too long, you will be able to watch it through a video; at other times there will be a poll or a test. But when the information is a bit longer, our brain digests it more efficiently by reading it instead of
watching and listening. In the notebooks, you will find the reading materials and the questions and exercises.

QiLeader coaches will be at your service in case you wish to accelerate your learning through personal coaching. Through the platform you can choose your coach and plan your sessions. The coaching is not included in the fee of the online course but can be paid directly through the QiLeader platform.

6 live webinars

Live webinars are planned every week during the session to allow you to ask questions to your QILeader coach and deepen some subjects. They will be recorded in case you miss the live conference. 


Machiels Murielle

Academic Director

“Murielle uses innovative techniques to make leaders understand why it is necessary to change their mindset and their leadership style. It is not only about doing new things but also about being a new kind of leader. "
Olivier Deutschmann
CEO Alcomotive

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