Executive Master in Finance

Your path to expertise in financial management & services.
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Solbosch Campus (ULB)
9 months
October > June
2 days fortnightly
Friday and Saturday 
€ 13.900 VAT Excl.
Séminaires et Livres compris
Registration deadline: 14/09/2018 | Programme start: 01/10/2018

Who is the programme aimed at?


The Executive Master in Finance invites you to discover an array of financial skills that will be highly complementary to your daily managerial needs.

Whether your aim is to become a financial analyst or manager for the fund industry, to manage as a CFO, as a treasurer or to facilitate your work as a lawyer or consultant active in corporate tax, mergers & acquisitions, transfer pricing, audit & control, or risk management, the EMF offers just the right training for your professional needs and profile.

Key admissions criteria

Eligible applicants need to have a minimum 3 years of professional experience, be able to demonstrate English proficiency, and meet at least two of the following conditions:

  • A university degree with a major in Business Administration, Economics, Engineering, Sciences or Law
  • Professional experience in a field related to Finance or one that could benefit from stronger knowledge

Financial literacy and best practices

Gain a strong intuitive understanding (with a critical eye) of financial concepts and applications to adapt to any situation. Learn and exchange best practices with professionals from a variety of finance and non-finance backgrounds.

Develop complementary skills

Develop complementary skills that will accompany and support you in your daily monitoring, decision-making, negotiation and implementation needs.

Customised learning

Master specific areas of application according to the thematic modules you deem relevant, given your initial background field of expertise and career goals.

Address financial challenges

Receive relevant input from employees who are aware of the philosophy of finance and knowledgeable on current financial concepts and tools.

Enlightened decision-making processes

Make financially-informed decisions, given that finance is always a component in the equation but never free from interaction with external factors.

Immediate return on investment

Strengthen your management and specialist teams with members who are highly-trained, financially savvy and possess specialised skills that they use on a daily basis.

The core modules

Strong education, strong fundamentals. The EMF presents the fundamentals of finance so that you fully understand the supply and demand of products and strategies in the market and the way finance professionals communicate through norms and their number

The elective modules

Elective modules offer a thematic approach to the programme where several disciplines might be needed to cover the diverse facets that each implies. The EMF brings you an impressive mix of finance professionals with strong pedagogical skills − interacting with their own real-life cases and combining their specialisations add up to a unique learning experience.

Choose your own learning track!

The EMF enables you to select three among a series of elective modules specially designed for your personal professional trajectory, to add to the core set. Based on your profile, current professional needs and career objectives, we suggest 3 tracks you can further customise

For financial institutions, financial or quantitative profiles and non-financial profiles with strong managerial skills.
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For engineers, scientists, consultants, policy-makers, expert accountants, general managers, project leaders/managers.
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For corporate lawyers, tax lawyers, legal counsel.
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More programme features

The programme also includes

For each module we organise guest lectures with the Solvay Finance Society, to attract renowned practitionners who present cutting edge topics, and to network with the financial community. 

Each year, a 1-day field trip is organised for the participants to discover a financial marketplace and some of its representatives, and to build team spirit.

The methodology

The Executive Master of Finance relies on a careful blend of:

  • Interactive in-class lectures, including an array of exercises & real-life cases, videos and Excel applications & simulations;
  • Individual preparation based on real-life cases and pre-reading materials prior to and after the course;
  • Guest lectures on complementary topics, featuring practitioners and experts in various fields and major financial and non-financial institutions;
  • Group work on a major case study at the end of a module.


I chose the EMF because it seemed the best choice for raising my competence in finance in Belgium and it was the most compatible with my active life. The programme has given me a better understanding of my clients’ needs, which has been an especially important benefit in my responsibilities in business development.

Finance is not just about numbers − it requires a more holistic understanding of the organisation. During the EMF, I had access to lecturers connected to the market who made the concepts accessible and simplified complex topics − in particular, via case studies. I especially appreciated the M&A case on AB Inbev’s acquisition of SAB Miller.

36 years

It is the average age of participants.

27 %

of the participants occupy a position of expert.

37 %

of the participants are specialized in business management and economics.


Hugues Pirotte
ULB Solvay Brussels School & FinMetrics
Academic director & professor of finance, co-founder of FinMetrics

Academic Director

Céline Vaessen
ULB Solvay Brussels School & SFPI/FPIM
Financial advisor at SFPI/FPIM, the Belgian sovereign fund and associate lecturer


Ariane Chapelle
University College, London & Chapelle Consulting
Operational risk expert, executive trainer and honorary reader


We strive to break the impenetrability that finance specialists tend to build around themselves, helping EMF participants take the plunge into the ocean of tools and techniques, pull their heads out of the water, and adapt this fantastic background to their business needs and career evolution.
Hugues Pirotte
Academic Director, Finance Professor at ULB-Solvay BS & co-founder of FinMetrics

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