Leading and Living Innovation

Intense introduction to the culture and strategy of innovation and how to implement it in your organisation
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Solbosch Campus (ULB)
3 days
3 full days + 1 Innovation Dinner
Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday
€ 2.950
Course material and catering included
Registration deadline: 30/11/2017 | Programme start: 06/12/2017

Who is the programme aimed at?


The programme Leading and Living Innovation helps you master the skills, tools, and mindset you need to get on your path to success. It’s dedicated to professionals who want to learn how to create and implement a culture of innovation ; intrapreneurs who want to become better at leading and managing innovation ; and entrepreneurs who want to learn to make innovation sustainable as they grow their business.

Key admissions criteria

  • Hold a University Degree
  • Team Leader, Intrapreneur, Project Leader, Product & Portfolio Manager, Business Developper
  • Innovation Enthousiast

What’s in it for you?

Solvay’s learning environment

Our school’s vibrant culture of innovation and leadership draws you into a unique, immersive and transformative learning experience.

The innovation competence

We provide you with the necessary leadership and innovation development concepts and tools to enable you to integrate the program's content into your daily activities.

A new leadership approach

Today’s complex “VUCA” world requires a new kind of leadership. We help you become this what we call “inverted leader”. One that is skilled at engaging individuals and unleash multifunctional teams to produce amazing innovation.

The method: direct, interactive experience

At Solvay, we believe real strength lies in direct experience and personalised follow-through to ensure that you ‘live’ what you learn. Together with your innovation coaches, you use a blend of experiential components − like videos, role plays, digital learning devices, and so on − in an active, dynamic learning environment. The goal is to apply what you learn immediately and to develop skills that can be used in your job right away.

3 modules. The path to Leadership.

The programme is made up of 3 modules. Each session grounds the participants on the specific role of Leadership in the respective area.

More programme features

The toolbox of the programme

The interactive lectures by senior Solvay faculty make you step back to absorb and internalize the fundamentals of the complex landscape of innovation. The live case studies with successful entrepreneurs and investors provide a framework for how these best practices are applied.

The mix of relevant, applicable theory and real-life practical insights makes this program tailor-made for professionals who are interested in going beyond generating creative ideas.  We’ll tell you how to turn them into successful businesses by developing core intrapreneurial innovation leadership, strategy, culture, and process capabilities. Meetings with innovative start-up companies is part of the programme.

We complete the programme with what we call an ‘Innovation Lab’. This real-time feedback tool allows you to rapidly gain insights from Solvay coaches and faculty, as well as from each other. The Innovation Labs enhance your learning experience and anchor the programme’s content.


Our faculty is best-in-class. Not only do these teachers and coaches come from leading business schools and universities from around the world, they also offer you the real-world business experience that counts. Their corporate positions, board memberships, and consulting experiences bring a whole new perspective to the classroom.


Benjamin Beeckmans

Academic Director

John Metselaar
Director of Innovation Council at The Conference Board

Academic Director

Solvay has developed one of the best executive innovation leadership and intrapreneurship programmes in the market. You will work with a diverse team, receive daily feedback from experienced mentors, and pitch like a pro at the end of the week.
Benjamin Beeckmans & John Metselaar
Academic Directors

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